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My name is Bond, James Bond
The series of articles about the secret agent of the British Intelligence will try to summarise everything that is most important in the 24 films. We will describe the characters, review the films and talk about the gadgets and cars. But to begin with let us get to know the man behind the name of James Bond and the history of the films. The name of the main character comes from the name of an American ornithologist James Bond, whose book was used by Ian Fleming, the author, during his stay in Jamaica in 1952. Fleming wrote 14 books which gave the basis for the films. Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman were responsible for the production of the first 9 films in the series. When Saltzman left in 1975, Broccoli continued his role as the producer alone. Albert left the series after Licence to Kill (1989). From then on his daughter Barbara Broccoli took the job together with his stepson Michael G. Wilson. She had worked as a director’s assistant and a representative of the producer before, he had been an executive producer and co-producer of 3 films.
Up to now, since 1962 to 2015, 24 films have been created and the 25th will premiere on 8th November 2019

And now the biography of the character (before 2006): James Bond was born 11th November 1920 in Skyfall (Scotland). His parents were a Scotsman Andrew Bond and a Swiss Monique Delacroix. Bond has impeccable manners, he graduated from Cambridge. The main character of Ian Fleming’s books wears elegant suits, likes the company of women, but is still a freelancer only once married to Contessa Tracy di Vicenzo. James drives supercars, asks the bartender for a Martini vodka – shaken not stirred. His biggest opponent is Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the leader of SPECTRE. Bond’s best friend is called Felix Leiter – he is the leader of the CIA. That’s all for today – you have read much information. I hope you will follow the next articles. I can say that the next one will be about one of the most well-liked characters of the series.

Best regards, I hope the next articles makes a pleasant reading, Michał Kurcok