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Ranger’s Apprentice

A book that I recommend: series entitled „Ranger’s Apprentice”

Not long ago my brother got a book titled „Ranger’s Apprentice. The Early Years – The Tournament in Gorlan” but he said the book was too thick and he had to read another book for school anyway, so I gladly started reading „Ranger’s Apprentice”.

Book titled „ Ranger’s Apprentice. The Early Years – The Tournament in Gorlan” has 389 pages and its author is John Flanagan. When I first read what he writes on the cover, I had no idea who a scout was. Now I know - in the book there are about fifty scouts in the whole kingdom, one for fiefdom. Scouts are the eyes and ears of the kingdom, they can shoot with a bow, throw knives, be unnoticeable and inaudible by others. In „The Early Years” scout Crowley and future scout Halt join forces with scouts of other fiefdoms to finally expose Lord Morgarath's evil intentions. He eliminated all the scouts and replaced them with the boasting „deputies”. In addition, he wants to proclaim himself the king and he covers his evil deeds with good.

The book drew me in, so I read the first and second books afterwards and for Easter my Grandma promised me two more books. Unfortunately, there are no books form the series in our library and no books in the library in Orzesze, so my grandma is buying me more parts of „Ranger’s Apprentice”.

The first book entitled „Ranger's Apprentice – The Ruins of Gorlan” tells the story of Halt's student, Will, and their trip in search of two kalkara. Kalkara are extremely dangerous creatures, being helpers of the exiled from the realm of Morgarath. What is Morgarath plotting this time? Halt and his two students, Will and Gilan, will try to discover it.

Book two entitled „Ranger’s Apprentice – The Burning Bridge” tells of the expedition of Will, Gilan and Horace to a state that is to help Araluen's soldiers win the fight against Morgarath's forces.

However, Celtic cities are in silence... The scouts have come to the fact that the villages were invaded by wargals, the creatures under influence of Morgarath.

I recommend this series because it tells about true friendship, sacrifice and courage. The books were very interesting to me, so I recommend them to others.

Gosia Słupik, klasa Va