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U2 is an Irish band that has gained a worldwide popularity. They have released a new studio album quite recently – on 1st December 2017. It is the 14th album in their long and successful career. It is called “Songs of Experience”.

Four members who founded the band in 1976 in Dublin are still in it today. The band consists of Bono (lead vocalist and lyricist), The Edge (guitarist), Adam Clayton (bass guitarist) and Larry Mullen Jr. (drummer). Their lyrics always have a message, their musical style is very recognisable and their popularity is immense. Their style evolved throughout their career – they go with the times.

Everyone knows songs like “One”, “Pride (In the Name of Love)” or “With or Without You”. If you do not – well, visit YouTube and catch up! U2 is one of the most popular rock bands of all time. Their new album “Songs of Experience” is the second part of a two-piece album set. Together with their previous album “Songs of Innocence”, it draws on the legacy of an English poet and painter – William Blake. He was a forerunner of Romanticism, he wrote the famous poem “The Tyger”, which comes from his “Songs of Experience”.

U2 took Blake’s idea and transformed it – the effect is spectacular. Thirteen songs written for the album make a very catchy collection. The first single promoting the album is called “You’re the Best Thing About Me” and you can listen to it here:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbGSiJ9iat8 If you have a Spotify account I recommend listening to the whole album. And more. Who knows? Maybe you will become U2’s next fan?

Agnieszka Zgoll-Rybka